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8 Facts About Hemp

Hemp is rising in popularity at the moment due to the changes in Australian legislation however, this often overlooked superfood has proven to have multiple health benefits and has been used as a dietary supplement for centuries.

Here are eight facts about Hemp that you may not know;

  1. Hemp isn’t Psychoactive

One of the main reasons many people shy away from hemp is its association with marijuana.  Although they are from the same species of plant, hemp carries little to no traces of THC, the cannabinoid in the plant that creates that effect in the mind.

  1. Hemp is Versatile

Hemp seeds and hemp seed oil are power packed health supplements but did you know that hemp fibres can be used for paper, fabric and building materials.

  1. High Plant Based Protein

Much like the North American chia seed, hemp seeds are an all-in-one super food that contain a notable quantity of complete digestible protein. Hemp seeds contain about 50-70 percent more protein than chia or flax. Because of the amino acid ratio in hemp seeds they are a more complete protein source than any other vegetable or plant.

  1. Low in Carbs

Many people are eating high protein, low carbs to achieve the maximum nutrition with the lowest amount of fats in the body. Hemps seeds are about 30% protein and 40% healthy fats which help us stay full longer and give us energy to go hiking, surfing, rock climbing, or whatever may tickle our fancy.

  1. Rich in Omegas 3, 6, and 9

Hemp seed oil has perfectly balanced ratios of omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids in very large amounts. When turned into an oil hemp seeds are an easy way for us to reach our daily amounts of omegas. Hemp seed oil works amazing in salad dressings, dips, and smoothies; seamlessly subbing in for other oils in our tried and true recipes.

  1. Hemp Seeds Deliver Healthy Skin

Dense with essential fatty acids, ingesting hemp seed oils can help to treat countless common skin ailments like eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, lichen planus and more. Specific research also shows that regularly ingesting hemp seed oil can improve the symptoms of atopic dermatitis. Hemp seed oil products can be used topically to treat minor skin irritations like cuts, burns and insect bites as well.

  1. Eco-Friendly

Growing hemp is exceptional for the environment and versatile. A crop of hemp needs 50% less water than cotton, it grows three times faster and actually replenishes the soil meaning less turn-around time on fields. It is also high resilient and needs little to no fertilisers or pesticides to grow.

  1. Australia NOW Permits it for Human Consumption

As of the November last year (2017) the Australian Government finally approved the sale of Low THC Hemp Seed Foods for human consumption and the future of Australia Hemp suddenly and irreversibly became brighter!

8 thoughts on “8 Facts About Hemp

  1. L T Williams says:

    Hello there. I would ike to know if this hemp seed oil aids in the shrinking of cancerous tumors please. I am currently taking a anti cancer herbal remedy that is imported. It is working but is costly.

    1. Kirsty Strowger says:

      Hi there
      You are looking for medicinal marijuana or other wise knows as CBD oil. There are clinics starting to pop up around Australia. You will need to Google the one closest to you. Our oil is Hemp seed oil, not CBD Oil. Hemp is completely different from marijuana in its function, cultivation and application.

  2. L T Williams says:

    So if my comment has already gone through, I would like to know if your product shrinks cancer tumors please.

    1. Kirsty Strowger says:

      Hi there
      No, I’m sorry our product is hemp seed oil, not CBD oil. You will need to search a doctor who does scripts for medicinal Marijuana.

  3. Lyn says:

    Would you please post a copy of rhe submission/s you made to Food Standards Australia New Zealand in support of hemp seeds as a food?

    1. Kirsty Strowger says:

      Hi Lyn
      Thank you for your email. There is no submission. The legislation changed in November last year. You can read our blog which has the link to the legislation at the bottom.

      With regards

  4. Terry says:

    Can you confirm a typical comparison between the carbon uptake of hemp versus forestry in a water stressed environment?

    1. Kirsty Strowger says:

      Hi, No sorry we don’t know that information

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