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The Vegan Trend and the Demand for Vegan Skin Care Products — Even if You are Not a Vegan

Being vegan is on trend right now and the demand for vegan products is dramatically on the rise. Global organic personal care is set to grow at a huge 9.5% annually over the next 7 years. Celebrity promotion of veganism combined with consumer awareness and animal welfare has made vegan diets and products increasingly popular.

Even those that do not follow a vegan diet are more likely to look for vegan products when it comes to makeup, haircare, and skincare. The cosmetic choices available in vegan skincare means that this area of the beauty market has exploded in recent years.

Environmentally Sustainable

Veganism follows the increasing use of environmentally friendly products. Consumers are looking for biodegradable packaging, and vegan products are both animal-friendly and environmentally responsible.

Supporting Animal Welfare

Animal lovers love to know that animals are not harmed in the making of their beauty and skin care products. When it comes to product labels, products that are marked cruelty free means that there is no animal testing involved in the creation of the product. Vegan products mean that no animal by-products are used as ingredients.

Natural Products Have Been Used Extensively Since Ancient Times

Although it is ever popular right now, using vegan ingredients in skincare has been done since ancient times. Aloe Vera, hemp oil, rosehip oil, and coconut oil are just some of the natural vegan products that make your skin soft and subtle, without subjecting animals to testing or harming the environment.

Celebrity Vegans

The growth of veganism is high, especially in the younger generation. More people are adopting the vegan lifestyle. It is more the norm and is no longer thought of as strange and off-beat. Veganism has become trendy with celebrities such as Pamela Anderson, Simon Cowell and Katherine Heigl promoting animal activism, standing up for animal rights, shunning animal products and advocating against animal cruelty.

Simon Cowell works with PETA as a celebrity role model and is a supporter of animal adoption. Kirsten Bell is vegan, and Brad Pitt has also been said to have a vegan diet.

Vegan Products Create a Youthful Appearance

Natural products can have fabulous results. Collagen and natural oils and fats in the skin make the skin look plumper and softer, giving you a more youthful appearance.

Aloe Vera, for instance, is a staple ingredient in most beautician’s products and is known for its healing properties and intense moisturising action. Topical application of products which contain hemp seed oil help to treat inflammation of the skin, they are also moisturising and conditioning. Hemp seed oil products are ideal as anti-aging treatments and are also great for acne.  Coconut oil based products are excellent too as Coconut oil can protect you from sunburn, has anti-inflammatory properties, removes dead skin cells and contain anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties.

A Healthier Alternative

As a whole, we are increasingly becoming aware of the ingredients in our food and the products that we use. We consider the impact on our skin when we choose skincare, as well as our local and wider environments.

Everything that is applied to your skin has the potential to be absorbed into your body. This means that up to 2 kg of chemicals from skincare and beauty products can enter the bloodstream each year. We now want to use products that are better for us. Vegan products are a great choice, and there is a wide range available.

For healthy, glowing skin, always look for products that do not contain added ingredients, toxins and chemicals. Lifestyle affects your skin too – minimise stress where possible. Ensure that your diet is adequate, contains lots of leafy greens and that you are getting enough sleep.

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